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FL - Rotary Drum Filters (RDF)

Drum Filter with Roller Discharge For thin filter cakes, a Roller with axis parallel to the drum, but running in contact with the cake at a different rotational speed, serves as the cake discharge medium.

Rotary Drum Filters vs. Bead Filters - Aquatic Systems

No More Drum Screen Filter Cleaning. AST filters feature an incredibly easy, fast, and clean backwash function. Compared to the cumbersome cleaning process that can be required with a rotary drum filter, bead filters are painless.

Rotary Drum Filter: Capacity & Installation

The amount of air required for loosening the filter cake at the discharge point is about 1/5 cu. ft. per minute per square foot of filter area at 10 lb. per square inch pressure for the drum filter, 1/10 cu ft. at ½-1 lb. pressure for the rotary disk filter , and 1/6 cu. ft. at 4 lb. pressure for the drum filter.

Rotary Drum Filter ( เครื่องกรองแบบต่อเนื่อง)

This filter is characterized by maximum separation efficiency against low operation and maintenance costs. The slots of the rotating screen allow the water to pass. Coarse particles are held back by the outer drum surface and carried to a scraper mechanism where they are removed.

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Jan 29, 2015· I can understand the need for high volume, rotating drum filters on large commercial aquaculture applications but, for the overwhelming majority of aquaponics systems, surely wedge wire sieve filters would have to be a viable alternative.

Rotary Drum Filters -

This machine is of the rotary drum filter type, but the filtering medium is applied on the interior of the drum which acts as its own container.The inner surface of the drum is divided into a series of fabric-covered panels, each forming a face of a polygon inscribed within the cylinder.

ProfiDrum Rotary Drum Filters - Koi Acres

How do Rotary Drum Filters work? Water gravity flows from the pond to the Profidrum RDF. Any solids down to 70 microns in size are caught in the filter screen as the pond water flows through the unit.

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Rotating Drum Filters. Revolving drum is a machine intended for the filtration or screening of liquids in general, with punctured passes from 0,10 a 3 mm in standard performances, in order to achieve a solid- …

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Rotary Vacuum Drum Filter Designs Include: Scraper Discharge is the most common drum filter discharge. After dewatering, the cake is removed from the filter cloth by a scraper blade just prior to the re-submergence of the drum.


Rotary Drum Filter -2- Introduction Thank you for selecting the Ibis Rotary Drum Filter. The information in this manual will be helpful to install and apply the Ibis Filter System to the manufacturing process.

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Rotary Drum Vacuum Filters for Production of Wallboard-Grade Gypsum Paper #19 Kevin Hibbert NB Power, 515 King Street, Fredericton, NB E3B 5G4 Canada

Drum Filters and Backyard Aquaponics - YouTube

Nov 19, 2012· Drum filters, what are they? Rotating drum filters or RDFs provide a pretty maintenance free way for removing fish waste (poop) from ponds, on a hobby scale and from large land based fish tanks in ...

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Jan 21, 2012· Alar Engineering Corp.'s Auto Vac® rotary drum precoat filter. A cost-effective, on-site solution for wastewater processing.

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If your manufacturing shop uses rotary vacuum drum filters to separate your materials, we have a used machine for you! Rotary vacuum drum filters rotate a tub of liquid to filter out any solid content.


A rotary drum filter (RDF) is a mechanical filter, which removes waste and other fine particles from the pond water via a micro screen (filter screen). What makes the RDF so special is the ability trigger an automated cleaning sequence once the water level starts to drop.

Rotary Vacuum Filters - Phoenix Equipment

Rotary Vacuum Drum Filters are horizontal drums with perforated exteriors covered with a filter cloth and internal vacuum pipes that are designed to be partially submerged in a trough of liquor. The internal vacuum pipes create suction on the outside of the drum.

Drumtec Rotary Drum Screen - Aqualitec

Drumtec Rotary Drum Screen Drumtec is an internally fed rotating drum screen built for heavy pretreatment applications such as draining, mud thickening, and sandy or industrial wastewater treatment. This product is highly recommended for membrane bioreactor (MBR) treatment plants.

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The rotary vacuum drum filter is a continuous and automatic operation, so the operating cost is low. The variation of the drum speed rotating can be used to control the cake thickness. The process can be easily modified (pre-coating filter process). Can produce relatively clean product by …

Rotating Drum Filters - The First Tank Guide - Filtering ...

What Is a Rotating Drum Filter? A rotating drum filter, sometimes called a paddle wheel filter or a water wheel filter, consists of a cylinder of corrugated, highly porous material which is set to turn like a paddle wheel on an old river boat with only one edge in the water at any time.

Internally Fed Rotary Drum Screen | Screenmaster RT ...

The Screenmaster ® RT, internally fed drum screen, employs a rotating drum to provide effective fine screening of a variety of materials with a simple and reliable design. It is fully constructed in corrosion resistant T304 or T316 stainless steel and employs a cylindrical screen constructed with perforated metal, wedge wire or filter cloth along with a weir system.

Vacuum Filtration | Rotary Drum Filters - Menardi Filters

A rotary drum filter resembles a large drum on its side. Half of the drum is submerged in the slurry, with the other half above it. The filter cloth winds around the drum and as the drum rotates, the slurry is sucked into the cloth.

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A fibrous filter medium (20) is fed through a port (19) on or near the top of the housing (81) by a distributing mechanism (36) which lays a uniform mat (26) of the desired thickness onto the rotating drum …

Rotary Drum Filters | Liquid Ring application | Knowledge Hub

Rotary Drum Filters. One of the oldest filters used in industrial applications, a rotary drum filter resembles a drum laying on its side. One third to one half of it is submerged in the slurry.

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Rotary microscreen drum filters are ideal for the removal of fine suspended solids in recirculating systems where water reuse strategies are imperative—zoos, aquariums, greenhouses, aquaculture systems, wastewater treatment plants, and more.

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Rotary vacuum drum filter parts for sale will be supplied new or refurbished but are subject to availability. Rotary vacuum filter drum consists of a drum rotating in a tub of liquid to be filtered.

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Internally Fed Rotary Drum Screen Filter. ... Spiral Rotary Drum Filter. View more. Rotary Drum Screen Filter. View more. Related Cases. 08-27 Spiral Rotary Drum Filter-Chile. 08-17 Rotary Drum Screen-Pulp Filtering. 05-09 Rotary Drum Screen Filter(Paper Fiber) 03-03 Rotary Drum Filter …

Komline-Sanderson Rotary Drum Vacuum Filters

The Komline-Sanderson Rotary Drum Vacuum Filter is applied to process and waste slurries for filtering, clarifying, cake washing and extraction, and dewatering. Industries served by K-S include inorganic and organic chemicals, pharmaceuticals and biotech, plastics, food products, minerals, electric power and other utilities.

Rotary Drum Filter-RDF(Customize) | JX Filtration

The Internally fed rotary drum screen consists of a filtration screen drum which is rotating. The effluent to be filtered is fed right into the center of the drum. The rotating drum also consists of screw flights to move the trapped solids in the forward direction.

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